Why a Print or Apply Label Application might be Proper for You

02/10/2012 11:07 Over a decade ago, the fist print/apply label applicators had been introduced. These products were made to deal with both the printing and application of pressure sensitive labels at the very same time. Touted as an all in 1 solution, the print/apply machines entered the marketplace slowly. Today, print/apply label applicator solutions are becoming a lot more commonplace. Improvements in technologies and effectiveness have spurred elevated use of these applicators. Is a print/apply label applicator appropriate for you? The answer to that query will be based on a couple of considerations. Very first, print/apply technologies is best for these who will be making use of the same conveyor to course of action a quantity of diverse items in smaller lots. New print/apply technology enables the label applicator to see the object and to then make a determination of which label to apply.labeler This signifies 1 can steer clear of getting to reload their applicator every time a different item is processed. It also eliminates the require to preserve many diverse label varieties, as one standard label can be printed in a quantity of different ways, as required. If that kind of flexibility sounds appealing, you may possibly also want to consider some of the other positive aspects of print/apply applicators. They can support to decrease general labor expenses, as they mix what have traditionally been two various aspects of processing into one particular step. If you are presently employing a traditional label applicator, you may be less than thrilled with its accuracy in label placement. New print/apply equipment, outfitted with intelligent technologies boasts quite correct placement and can consistently apply labels to designated regions--even on irregularly-shaped items. Retooling the labeling method on your line may seem like an pricey and time-consuming endeavor. Nonetheless, many print/apply users believe the machines compensate for the initial cost and inconveniences quickly by way of improved quality and effectiveness.

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