Who Is The World wide web Marketing and advertising Attorney

02/10/2012 15:43 The Internet Advertising and marketing Attorney is the pen name of Micah Buchdahl, the lawyer who runs www.internetmarketingattorney.com. The site is a resource for lawyers to market their services and firms. The site hosts the Net Advertising Attorney Awards, and the Nifty 50 Web Internet site Critique. Buchdahl also has a weblog, www.MarketingAttorney.com. On the blog, he frequently answers reader queries. Buchdahl is involved in HTMLawyers Inc, but the Internet Marketing and advertising Lawyer website appears to be intended to be beneficial, forthright and informational rather than an try to ham-handedly steer prospective buyers toward his consulting services. In fact, the website doesnt enable advertising sponsorship or vendor affiliations at all.marketing manchester In impact, Buchdahl has created a beneficial, properly thought out, informative website, not a sales pitch. This, in itself, is very good World wide web advertising and marketing method, and suggests Buchdahl almost certainly knows what hes carrying out in terms of marketing and advertising law firms and lawyers on the Net. 1 of the cornerstones of the internet site is Micahs Nifty 50. It was introduced in January 2001, and is now a reference source for successful law firm net websites. Inclusion in the 50 doesnt necessarily imply the site is outstanding, but rather that it has an outstanding feature or element. The list is updated periodically, with preceding lists still accessible on-line. Therefore there are now more than 200 examples on the internet site. The Net Advertising Lawyer rates the web sites of every of the 250 biggest law firms in the United States. Buchdahl reviewed the internet sites by surfing each internet site for an typical of 20 minutes and then evaluating them. He offers awards to the best 30 web sites: The leading ten are platinum, subsequent ten gold, and the final ten, silver. He evaluates the websites by giving them numerical scores on a scale of 1 to 10 in numerous categories, and normally avoids giving out a tenor a zerounless it is actually, really deserved, and describes five as a solid average. The categories are: Design, which encompasses the look and feel of the site, not just the graphics. Not surprisingly, some of the most powerful styles had handful of graphics. After all, theyre selling legal services, not flash animation. Content, like lawyer bios, practice location descriptions and publications Usability, which basically has to do with how effortlessly a user can discover what theyre seeking for. Consistent navigation is the lynchpin of this category. He considers usability, sensibly enough, from the point of view of those who most probably would use the site. Interactivity had to at least include a bunch of e-mail links. Great online forms support boost the score as properly He also rates the sites for intangibles. Naturally, that is highly subjective. An example of an intangible that matters is smart domain name use. These scores were then added up. Several firms, not surprisingly, tied, with best tier getting in the 40s. He also critiques and rates mid-sized and smaller firms. The evaluations are limited to brief synopses. Buchdahl states that he place a lot more than 150 non-billable hours more than the course of six months into the method. Now, my brief review of Buchdahls internet site: Net Advertising Attorney is a beneficial tool for law firms trying to industry themselves on the net.

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