Protecting Your Hardwood Floor

01/10/2012 15:46 Hardwood floors are rather pricey so owners need to exercising every single work to safeguard them. Given that they come from exhaustible resources, trees, and take years to create, they are a lot more tedious to care for and sustain compared to concrete and other kinds of creating materials. Hence, if you're looking to use hardwood for your flooring, you must be ready with the proper protection strategies and tools. How can you shield your hardwood floor? 1st, don't expose it to too a lot sun. The ultraviolet rays from sunlight is one of essential factors why some hardwood floors turn out to be discolored over time, regardless of its finish or stain. carpet northern virginia We are referring to the exact same ultraviolet rays that cause damage to your skin. UV rays do the identical to any other kind of organic material. To shield it from the sun, install a screen on your windows or use curtains. You can use sheer drapes so it really is not so dark in the room. There are hardwoods that lighten from sun exposure, whilst components like oak and cherry will tend to grow to be darker. To slow down the discoloration process, apply water-based urethane finishes to your floor. Oil-based finishes are okay but they have a tendency to turn yellow or amber when exposed to sunlight. Second, make positive it's often dry. Water is a hardwood floor's worst enemy. It can seep into the material and lead to nasty stains and decay. You can shield your floor by applying thick coats of finishing, but hold in mind that finishes also thin more than time so you have to reapply routinely. Wipe up spills instantly and do not leave wet rags on the floor for a lengthy period. Also, use only dry cloth to wipe your hardwood floor. By no means use a damp mop. An additional way to safeguard your hardwood floor is to place felt glides under the legs of heavy furniture so they don't scratch the surface when moved. Felt glides also cushion the weight of your furnishings so they don't make shallow holes on your floor. The point of defending your hardwood floor is this: if you want it to final longer than your lifetime, you have to give it the care it wants. And considering that hardwood floors, when maintained nicely, can stay on even after a century, they definitely deserve protection.

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