Nissan Produces Its one hundred Millionth Car

01/10/2012 22:32 The year 2006 is a time for celebration for Nissan Motor Company, Ltd. Why, you may ask? Let us just say that just recently, this auto maker has just reached a new milestone in its existence. Nissan has now made its 100 millionth vehicle last June. Just imagine the complete range of autos that this vehicle maker has been capable to create and bring out to the streets and roads. So far, the company has been able to manufacture some 76,640,000 units of Nissan cars and vehicles in its residence nation which is Japan. The rest of the lot has been created in its a variety of manufacturing plants scattered all around the globe. The production of Nissan does not only stop at making cars and automobiles. The company is also responsible for manufacturing the greatest Nissan auto parts made just for the use of their automobiles. This Japanese auto maker has also made positive that production of cars does not end with its one hundred millionth vehicle. For at the finish of June, which is also the month wherein the one hundred millionth Nissan car was completed, the company was in a position to make a total of 100,140,000 units of Nissan vehicles. The Nissan Motor Company, Limited is truly a brand of cars which has been sent out to the auto market below a distinct name years prior to. Datsun was the brand that these automobiles held. Based in Tokyo, Japan, the company is now opting towards bringing more of its cars to the automotive business. In reality, it is now regarded as as 1 of Asias top three car manufacturers. Tadao Takahashi, the executive vice president for the companys manufacturing group, is really a lot elated by the way issues are going for the firm. He even thanks men and women who have been and are nonetheless portion of the business, On behalf of Nissan, I would like to thank all our personnel and consumers about the world for their support with no whom this critical milestone would not have been achievable.visit my website

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